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The Challenge has a global reach with sites in the U.S., in the UK, and in Germany - launched in June 2003, January 2004, and May 2004, respectively. The sites were generating traffic, but at a very high cost, and they wanted to reduce their monthly six figure pay-per-click budget without affecting the number of click-throughs being converted to customers. In order to accomplish this, they wanted to hire a company that could take over the management of their PPC campaigns in order to improve them while also implementing an aggressive SEO campaign to improve organic search traffic. They also wanted to gain better insight into the performance of specific keywords by analyzing web analytics data. Finally, there was a strong desire to penetrate the "Global search engine landscape" by dominating search engine listings in the US, UK, and Germany.

The Strategy

There were two phases to this campaign which ran simultaneously. Our team immediately got to work to make improvements in the PPC campaigns. At the same time, we needed to take quick and impactful steps to improve organic search engine rankings.

Optimization strategies used:

  • Keyword competitive analysis and optimization
  • Linguistic analysis for keyword phrases for US, UK, and German demographics
  • Full-site organic search engine optimization of the code
  • Implement accessibility attributes
  • Ensure cross-browser compatibility and navigation
  • Aggressive linking campaign 
  • Detailed monthly ranking increase reporting metrics

Pay-per-click management strategies used:

  • Ad Testing
  • Continuous PPC monitoring
  • 24/7 keyword bid management to monitor spending
  • Prioritizing the best time of day for results to dominate the top search engine listings
  • Web Analytics analysis to measure performance
  • Landing Page Analysis
  • Continual refinement of keywords and key phrases 

The Results

  • A 3,185% increase in First Place organic positions
  • 15,350% increase in organic top 20 search engine rankings
  • An 80% percent decrease in the monthly pay-per-click budget

  • 414 1st Place rankings (3,185% increase)
  • 1,404 Top 5 Rankings (4,529% increase)
  • 2,054 Top 10 Rankings (4,668% increase)
  • 3,070 Top 20 Rankings (15,350% increase)

  • 200 1st Place rankings (up from 0)
  • 534 TOP 5 Rankings
  • 664 TOP 10 Rankings
  • 895 Ranking Overall in Top 30