TherabreathTheraBreath is a B2C personal hygiene products company that focuses on the prevention and treatment of halitosis and bad breath worldwide. 

The Challenge  

When TheraBreath came to SEO Inc., they were managing their paid search in-house. They were having difficulty getting their campaigns to reach the levels they were anticipating. With limited market coverage and inconsistent messaging, both the metrics of the campaign and the campaigns goal of increasing their sales, sign-ups, and awareness fell well short of their performance objectives. In addition to a keyword list lacking in both quantity and advanced matching, their ads were poorly written and their campaigns were doing little to no ad testing. This meant that campaigns were missing out on potential new customers and reach and not convincing enough of those people to consider their product. TheraBreath had essentially let the campaigns run wild, with little effort made in targeting, tracking conversions, and they had an inefficient use of the budget. The TheraBreath brand was suffering and their PPC campaigns were turning into a poor investment.


  • Increase Revenue
  • Increase Campaign Profitability
  • Build E-Mail Subscriber List
  • Convert Lookers into Buyers with Free Trials
  • Increase Brand Awareness

The Solution

As with every client, SEO Inc. kicked off this campaign by doing extensive research into the dental hygiene space and identified not only competitors and their positioning, but also their target markets and ideal segments. Through the course of this research and analyzing previous campaign history, SEO Inc. developed a strategic plan of attack which focused on but was not limited to:

  • A heavily expanded keyword list
  • Long-tail phrases
  • Advanced matching
  • Negative keywords
  • Portfolio bidding techniques
  • Advanced Targeting
  • Campaign layout restructuring
  • Refined messaging and Ad Testing
  • Landing Page Testing
  • Proper Budget Allocation
  • Ad Group Segmentation
  • Advanced Conversion Tracking

The segmenting aspect was especially critical as TheraBreath had not previously attempted to target unique products to specific audiences. In addition to segmentation, SEO Inc. developed new ad copy to better appeal to these audiences and introduce them to the right product for their particular challenges. With careful analysis, we identified weak areas and set plans to improve or expand the areas as well as build upon the success of our top performing campaigns with ongoing optimization.

The Results

The client has been more than pleased with the results of the campaigns. In the first month alone under SEO Inc PPC management services, TheraBreath saw an immediate increase in revenue by over 242%.  

  • By the fourth month, we grew revenue by over 403%.
  • Reduced the overall cost per conversion by 66% from over $44 to less than $15
  • Increased conversions by 192%