Rick's Fencing Case Study


Rick's Fencing - Custom Decking and Fencing LogoRick’s Custom Fencing & Decking is the premier fencing and decking contractor in the Pacific Northwest, with five locations throughout Oregon and Washington.

The Challenge

In previous months, SEO Inc. had already improved the Cost Per Lead for Rick’s Fencing by excluding irrelevant traffic that was coming to the site from PPC. However, after eliminating the non-converting traffic, Rick’s Fencing had a remainder of their budget that was no longer being spent by PPC. At that point, both SEO Inc. and the client determined that the account was ready for expansion.

Client Goals

  • Increase PPC Spend & Associated Leads
  • Maintain or Decrease Cost Per Lead
  • Expand Search Share
  • Ensure that Each Location is Bidding on Relevant Keywords

The Solution

One of the biggest issues is that some locations were bidding on keywords that others were not. To grow the account, SEO Inc. created ad groups, keywords, and ads so that each location was bidding on similar search terms. Beyond that, SEO Inc. worked closely with the client to determine new effective keywords that were not being targeted, then building new ad groups, keywords, and ads, to reach those searches.

Among other optimizations, SEO Inc. recommended using geographic targeting at the zip code level so that each location was able to track spend with the highest level of precision available. Not only did this improve the split between traffic to each location, but the improved location targeting added a number of locations that we not previously targeted, leading to more account growth.

SEO Inc. also studied historical search terms and trends to determine which keywords were the best converting and most profitable. By building restructured campaigns that focused on these profitable keywords, SEO Inc. was able to reduce traffic from search terms that were not likely to convert without reducing the traffic to the site.

The Results

Rick’s Fencing has a seasonal trend with leads, so a year over year view is the best way to view account growth. SEO Inc. not only achieved the client’s goals successfully, but went above the client’s expectations, as the following year over year figures demonstrate:

  • Increased PPC Traffic 33%
  • Increased Search Network CTR 16%
  • Increased Spend 36%
  • Improved Average Position 7%
  • Increased Online Leads 69%
  • Reduced Cost Per Online Lead 20%
  • Increased Converting Phone Calls 57%

Rick's Fencing - Traffic from Paid Search Ads
Rick's Fencing - Leads from Website Paid Search Ads
Rick's Fencing - Monthly Ad Spend - Paid Search
Rick's Fencing - Cost Per Lead - PPC

This momentum has continued through May 2017 and even continuing to further optimize and improve the account. Rick’s Fencing has even rolled out a new mobile-friendly site and is expanding two of their locations by the end of the year to capitalize on this success.