Mossy Case Study

Mossy Honda

The Challenge:

Mossy Honda of Lemon Grove came to SEO Inc. to increase their search engine marketing presence and generate additional leads to sell their 2014 inventory.

The Strategy

Increase leads and in-person traffic to the dealership while reducing the cost per lead.

The Solution

The PPC team at SEO Inc. optimized Mossy Honda’s Pay per Click accounts and penetrated the competitive market by using these new age strategies:

  • Competitive Keyword Expansion:
    • Conducted thorough keyword research of the auto industry, including Mossy’s competitors
    • Implemented hundreds of additional, relevant keywords in order to increase quality traffic to Mossy’s site
  • Ad Split Testing & Optimization:
    • Identified that Mossy’s strategy for ad testing was not structured properly to achieve statistical significance
    • Paused weak ad variations, came up with new, innovative creative that leveraged Mossy’s unique selling propositions as well as their brand messaging, and launched new tests
    • The objective of these regular split tests was to increase click-through rate, conversion rate and Quality Score.
  • Google Display Network Optimization and Expansion:
    • Optimized the pre-existing GDN campaigns by removing under-performing sites, launching new ad texts, and restructuring ad groups.
    • Aggressively expanded the campaign’s reach on the GDN by launching new, targeted campaigns.
  • Remarketing implementation:
    • Launched a new remarketing campaign that targeted website users who did not fill out a lead form
    • The objective of this campaign was to regain those users’ attention and encourage them to return and submit their contact information.
  • Bid Automation Utilization:
    • Initiated a series of tests in order to determine which bidding strategy suited this client optimally. SEO Inc. discovered that a blend of strategies for these campaigns was necessary.
  • Conversion optimization testing:
    • Provided suggestions and insights to the client on how they may improve the conversion rate on the website.
  • Channel Expansion:
    • Expanded Mossy’s optimized Search Campaigns onto the Bing & Yahoo search networks to increase exposure across all the major search engines.



Conversion Rate

Cost Per Lead

Achieving Consistently High Placements for High Traffic Keywords and Utilizing All Pertinent Ad Extensions

Honda San Diego Search

Honda Dealer search

Team Lead on this Project:

Jerrold Burke – Director of Paid Search