Continental Warranty

Continental WarrantyContinental Warranty is a leading automotive warranty provider, specializing in discount extended car warranty coverage for consumers.

The Challenge

Continental Warranty is a lead generation site so it's main focus is drive requests for quotes and their paid search campaigns area primary marketing tactic used to acquire leads.  A secondary goal is to encourage phone calls to their call center.  Both of these goals were attacked using a solid strategy of a separate, paid search only URL and landing page. 

Continental Warranty came to SEO Inc. with a common problem – their cost per lead (CPL) was inflated and severely dragging down their return on ad spend (ROAS).  With their industry and keywords being extremely competitive and appearing to necessitate an aggressive PPC Management and bid strategy for prime positioning, their budgets and margins were heading in opposite directions. With their main focus on Google, their quality score was suffering due to poor campaign structure and stale ad creatives. In addition, to compensate for rising bid prices, they attempted the strategy of overbidding, which only added fuel to the fire. Continental Warranty’s paid search programs needed immediate help to try and reverse their negative trending.


  • Decrease Cost Per Lead
  • Increase the # of Leads Generated
  • Enhance Search Share
  • Lower Spending on PPC

The Solution

Leveraging the extensive history of the account, SEO Inc. made a couple of immediate determinations that would have a direct impact on the out of control costs.  First, an extensive keyword analysis was performed, adding thousands of long-tail and advanced matching keywords to their campaigns. Second, we placed stringent bid management rules on to the campaigns as well as rigorous manual monitoring of the most costly keywords. The second phase included a massive overhaul of the ad messaging, making it more targeted and less likely to result in irrelevant clicks, which was supported by a meticulous ad testing effort. Finally, with costs and messaging under control, SEO Inc. went after lower tier engines and ad networks to increase their overall search share, including rolling out a Spanish-language campaign.

The Results

When SEO Inc. took over the management of Continental Warranty’s paid search campaigns, their cost per click was over $5.00/click. At the end of the first six months under SEO Inc. management, the Continental account made impressive gains:

  • CPC dropped to $2.62 from over $5.00 per click at the beginning 
  • Conversions jumped to 3,366  
  • Cost per lead fell to $17.59