PPC Management Case Studies by SEO Inc



Driving Sales Through Paid Search

When TheraBreath came to SEO Inc., they were managing their paid search in-house. They were having difficulty getting their campaigns to reach the levels they were anticipating. With limited market coverage and inconsistent messaging, both the metrics of the campaign and the campaigns goal of increasing their sales, sign-ups, and awareness fell well short of their performance objectives Read More
Continental Warranty, Inc.

Continental Warranty

More Leads for Fewer Dollars

Continental Warranty is a lead generation site so it's main focus is drive requests for quotes and their paid search campaigns area primary marketing tactic used to acquire leads. A secondary goal is to encourage phone calls to their call center. Both of these goals were attacked using a solid strategy of a separate, paid search only URL and landing page. Read More
Rick's Fencing - Custom Decking and Fencing Logo

Rick's Fencing Case Study

Rick’s Custom Fencing & Decking is the premier fencing and decking contractor in the Pacific Northwest, with five locations throughout Oregon and Washington. In previous months, SEO Inc. had already improved the Cost Per Lead for Rick’s Fencing by excluding irrelevant traffic that was coming to the site from PPC. However, after eliminating the non-converting traffic, Rick’s Fencing had a remainder of their budget that was no longer being spent by PPC. Read More
Mossy Honda

Mossy Case Study

Penetrating a Competitive Market

Mossy Honda of Lemon Grove came to SEO Inc. to increase their search engine marketing presence and generate additional leads to sell their 2014 inventory. The PPC team at SEO Inc. optimized Mossy Honda’s Pay per Click accounts and penetrated the competitive market by using new age strategies. Read More


Conversion rate from 5.30% to 10.45%

TIBCO is a B2B enterprise software solutions provider whose main focus is helping companies achieve SOA and BPM success. TIBCO’s stated overall objective from their website that also pertains to paid search is to have visitors download free whitepapers and/or free Ajax applications. Specific to paid search, the goal of the entire campaign is to drive registrations for those desired actions at the lowest price point possible while building brand awareness among their target market. Read More