Social Media Advertising

Social advertising involves purchasing advertisements on social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. These highly-effective advertising methods require social media marketing expertise to be executed effectively, but with the right goals and know-how, they can be extremely beneficial endeavors.

Social Media Advertising Objectives

SEO Inc. has been providing social media advertising services to clients for several years. Many just want to implement a Facebook advertising campaign to support a viral campaign that we have created for them, while others want to use the social networks to drive traffic to their websites or support other marketing initiatives. Here are some of the ways that we can help companies with social media advertising:

  • Sell Products 
  • Generate Leads
  • Drive Traffic to Websites
  • Build Brand Awareness
  • Reputation Management - Shift Sentiment
  • Support New product Launches or Other Company Initiatives
  • Increase Size of Your Social Communities
  • Gain Feedback and Intelligence from Customers

Developing Your Social Media Advertising Campaign

When developing social media advertising campaigns, there are a few basic steps that we take prior to launching. A campaign without established goals and metrics will not be likely to succeed. It is also critical that our marketers understand your business and branding. Once these things are determined we can build and launch a successful social media advertising campaign. 

  1. Establish the goals and objectives of the campaign
  2. Determine who is the target audience
  3. Research which social networks will be the best for your target social advertising channel
  4. Develop ads for the campaign - we develop multiple ads for testing
  5. Set up campaigns
  6. Monitor & test
  7. Report

Having an online presence that combines social media advertising with your organic social media campaign can expand your reach, help customers relate to your company, facilitate interaction with your customer base, and improve your sales.

Facebook Community Building Advertising

The more people that “Like” your Facebook fan page, the greater your reach. Facebook in particular allows for an excellent social advertising method to attract new people to your page and further improve the reach of your social media strategy. SEO Inc. has the data, background, and creativity to make your Facebook Like ad a success. We can either run the ad for you or coach you on the steps necessary to set up the ad yourself. Either way, we guarantee a rise in the size of your Facebook community by running the social ad.

Social Media Pay Per Click

Just like running pay per click on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, you can also run pay per click campaigns on social networks. In particular, Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube have proven to be very effective social advertising platforms. SEO Inc. has the needed knowledge to successfully advertise in these outlets. We’ve helped companies large and small and would appreciate the opportunity to help you take advantage of these new, unsaturated social media marketing platforms.

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