Sep 28

Are Twitter Followers Better than Facebook Likes?

Twitter Followers vs Facebook LikesSocial media marketers have long recognized (in social networking terms) that social friends and followers are more inclined to recommend and purchase from brands they are fans of. But with the premise that social networking sites are the place to be, we now consider which of the top sites are most effective for turning a fan or follower into a customer.

Customer Loyalty on Facebook vs. Twitter

A recent eMarketer study compared the influence of customer loyalty between Facebook and Twitter. The study was based on a series of previous findings about motivations for “liking” or “following” a brand, as well as different patterns of engagement, and reports the social media benefits of Twitter to produce a more profitable ROI.

With the appeal of staying up to date and in the know about all the latest happenings of a brand, Twitter attracts an audience much more receptive to marketing messages than with Facebook. The study reported that 37% of participants were more likely to purchase from a brand after following them on Twitter. Only 17% agreed that “liking” a brand on Facebook would make them more likely to become a customer.

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Sep 23

Promoted Trending Worldwide Topics on Twitter

Twitter Promoted Hash TagsIt’s funny to think how Twitter has evolved. At the beginning everyone thought it was the dumbest thing ever. Then people started recognizing its potential and all the fun it offered. At the same time we all quietly laughed as we imagined the money being wasted by the company running the social media site. But to be honest, Twitter today is not what it was during its infant stages and losing money may soon be a thing of the past for the social media giant.

Continuing to Step Up Social Media Advertising

Twitter continues to add to its monetization efforts and that is good news for companies interested in social media advertising. Do you know what Promoted Trending Worldwide Topics on Twitter are? If so, you can stop reading this post. If not, there is a picture of the Twitter advertising tool on the right.

As you can see, the My Generation ABC promoted trending worldwide topic has a little yellow box next to it that says promoted. Kind of makes you NOT want to click on it right? But at the same time it peaks your interests…

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Sep 09

Google Instant: How Will it Impact Search Engine Optimization?

Google Instant is here folks, and SEO’s all over the world are up in arms about it. “What does this mean?!,” they all clamor. In this post we will report on what Google Instant is and provide some speculation on the new elements of the search engine.

What is Google Instant

Basically, Google Instant is a beta update to the Google search experince. The update allows results to appear from search queries at lightning speed. For example, type in SEO Inc. and these results will appear instantaneously.

Google Instant

Here is how Google explains Google Instant on their famous Official Google Webmaster Central Blog:

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Sep 08

Should you Buy All of Your Domain Name Extensions?

Domain Name ExtensionsOne question which comes up frequently is, “Should I buy all of the extensions of my domain name?” This is a common question because sites which sell domain names will often try to get you to purchase every version. So for example, if your website is a site such as Godaddy may try to get you to buy the following domains:

  • This list goes on…

All the while you are sitting here scratching your heading thinking, “Do I really need to pay $200 for all of these domains?!” Well, let’s weigh the pros and cons of the purchase decision.

Pro: You Protect your Brand

By purchasing all of the domain extensions you ensure that no one can have a domain name that matches yours. Why is this important? Well, if someday you develop very strong brand strength and someone searches for your brand there is a good chance that not only your .com extension will come up, but also that a .biz, .net, etc., extension will come up. Now of course this means that someone would have to create a site surrounding your brand name. And they really can’t do this if they are in the same industry as you, unless you OK it – for instance an affiliate may be able to sell under an extension. If they are in another industry, they can absolutely use the domain to promote their company. They can also use the domain to write reviews/blogs on you. Also, if it is a non-branded keyword based domain all bets are off.

Con: You Pay Extra

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Aug 31

Why Navigation is Important to Search Engine Optimization

There are a lot of different aspects of search engine optimization and Internet marketing which are difficult. However, one which often strikes marketers as exceedingly challenging is refining site navigation and structure. While this is the case, many of us SEO experts relish the opportunity, viewing the task as a rubix’s cube like assignment with a drastically visible impact on a websites bottom-line, in a variety of different ways.

Example of Optimized Website Navigation

Here is an example of a navigation in its most basic form. Hub level 1 filters into hub level 2. Hub level 2 filters into hub level 3. Each of the lower levels support the higher levels from a linking perspective. The lines are indicative of potential cross linking relationships, the implementation of which would be assessed on a site by site basis.

Search Engine Optimization and Navigation

Search Engine Optimization and Navigation


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Aug 27

Submitting your Site to Directories: How to Ensure it Helps your Search Engine Optimization

Don't Pray that your Website Appears in Directories, Just Follow this Simple Advice!

Don't Pray that your Website Appears in Directories, Just Follow this Simple Advice!

Before we get into it, let me just address a question I’m sure most of you have: “Are directories still worth submitting to?” Amongst the sea of free-for-all, mostly useless directories that have been devalued by the search engines, there are still a few out there that one should submit to. Places such as and, for example, are still worth the time and money to include your site in. Submitting to directories can improve your search engine optimization strategy, it just has to be the right directories and information has to be submitted in a particular manner.

The submission process itself is straight forward, but we want to eliminate any possibility of rejection as well as choose the best fit page for our site. With this in mind, here are some things to look out for when submitting your site to these directories.

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