Oct 08

How Blogging Works with Social Media [VIDEO]

A while back I wrote a post on the perfect organic web presence. Since then many things have changed. The amount of distribution we are now capable of creating for clients online is really impressive. In fact, I have the feeling that with the new technologies we have developed, SEO Inc. clients will be very happy in 2011, both from an SEO and a social media marketing perspective.

While this is true, you still have to start your online marketing somewhere and not everyone is ready for the full package – a blog is a great place to being you efforts. This video on how blogging works with social media is really just an introductory posts on the subject. It has been created to relay the concept and to start generating ideas for the video viewer. Ultimately, SEO Inc. helps clients take this a step further by creating a larger distribution, great content, sound SEO methodology and viral marketing campaigns.

One thing I would like to comment on is that in this video I say you should blog about your new web page. The reason we often do this is to increase the amount of supporting content on that subject and to further internal linking. While that is the case, you can blog about much more, and if you only blog on your new web pages your blog will surely have a very poor following.

Watch the video on how blogging works with social media below. If you have any questions, please add a comment!

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Oct 06

Facebook Launches New Facebook Groups

Now you can be in exclusive groups both on and offline, at the same time.

Now you can be in exclusive groups both on and offline, at the same time.

Now Facebook Groups have been around for sometime, right? But we’re not talking about those old groups… No, this is something different and new. Think of it like Twitter Lists for Facebook, in a way. Ok, I’m probably confusing you. So let me just tell you what Facebook Groups are, why they are important and why Facebook is genius.

What are Facebook Groups?

Facebook groups are subgroups of friends that you can create on Facebook. When you create a subgroup, you are given specific functionality that allows you to communicate with those members.

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Oct 04

How Social Media Exposure Leads to Brand Evangelists

People often seek a way to justify and analyze the success of social media marketing. And we at SEO Inc. are all for that, in fact, being online marketers ROI analysis and analytics in general are a part of our makeup. However, here we have a unique approach to social media in the intial stages, in that, we often use it to support our SEO efforts. But as our customers social media communities grow they always evolve into exciting marketing initiatives as well.

This is all neither here nor there. What I would like to focus on today is how social media marketing allows businesses to expose their brand to the consumer, following which, the brand is then given the opportunity to further the relationship until the point where the consumer becomes a purchaser and eventually an evangelist or market maven.

Although you can break this up anyway you like, I have chosen to lay it out in three steps.

social media cycle

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Sep 30

What you Need to Know About the New Twitter

On September 14, 2010, Twitter unveiled the new and improved Twitter.com interface. But why the change? Well, according to Twitter, the new interface is “faster, easier to use, and richer.” But more obviously, Twitter has approximately 160 million users, and only a fraction of that number actually use the web interface itself. Instead, many rely on other Twitter clients like Tweetie or TweetDeck. The redesign’s purpose is all about keeping users on the Twitter.com site for longer, and by refocusing on a more entertaining user experience they can accomplish just that.

The New Twitter

Similar to how Facebook went a little ‘Twitter-esque’ last year with its News Feed, now Twitter has integrated some of the more multimedia aspects of Facebook. The first thing you will notice about the new Twitter design is its expanded two-columns of information. The column on the left will still contain tweets, while the right side column now offers additional information about those tweets as well as embedded videos, photos, and user information.

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Sep 29

Why Theme Pages for Search Engine Optimization?

With the Ever Growing Forest of WebPages Online, Page Themes Provide Search Engines and Users with Much Needed Direction

With the Ever Growing Forest of WebPages Online, Page Themes Provide Search Engines and Users with Much Needed Direction

Do your pages have a theme? Or are they just a bunch of random stuff you thought your customer base would find interesting? For the sake of your business, marketing efforts, and search engine optimization performance, you’re going to want to address this question and keep it top of mind.

What do we mean by theme?

A theme is the basic idea that there are certain goals and content associated with each page of a website. By specifying a theme for each page it allows you to focus on keywords, calls to action, internal and external linking, as well as video and images which are concisely aligned with your navigation and search engine efforts.

Why do your pages need a theme for SEO?

In the case of search engine optimization it is absolutely vital that each of your pages have a clear and concise theme. Think of it as a mission statement. What is that page trying to accomplish, what is its value to the world, how will that page serve your customer base? Once you have asked yourself these questions you can discover keywords which best represent the page’s mission. Adding those keywords in the right places lets the search engine know the purpose of the page you have created, and thus, allows you to rank for the terms you have specified.

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Sep 28

Are Twitter Followers Better than Facebook Likes?

Twitter Followers vs Facebook LikesSocial media marketers have long recognized (in social networking terms) that social friends and followers are more inclined to recommend and purchase from brands they are fans of. But with the premise that social networking sites are the place to be, we now consider which of the top sites are most effective for turning a fan or follower into a customer.

Customer Loyalty on Facebook vs. Twitter

A recent eMarketer study compared the influence of customer loyalty between Facebook and Twitter. The study was based on a series of previous findings about motivations for “liking” or “following” a brand, as well as different patterns of engagement, and reports the social media benefits of Twitter to produce a more profitable ROI.

With the appeal of staying up to date and in the know about all the latest happenings of a brand, Twitter attracts an audience much more receptive to marketing messages than with Facebook. The study reported that 37% of participants were more likely to purchase from a brand after following them on Twitter. Only 17% agreed that “liking” a brand on Facebook would make them more likely to become a customer.

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