Oct 21

4 Location Based Social Media Sites to Watch

Are you familiar with location based social media sites? Well, there are quite a few of them out there. And while at the moment you may be thinking to yourself, “Who cares?” After you read this post you may have a very different sentiment.

Location based social media sites, and niche social media sites are coming on stronger than ever. Here are a few of the top ones to keep an eye on and a little insight into why they are important.

Now I would think that you have heard of Foursquare before, correct? It is probably the most notable social media location site. But did you know that it now has over 4 million users!?


The social media marketing implications of this site are really impressive. Not only can you add your location for free, but by doing so it entices Foursquare users in the area to visit your business. You can add incentive to this by making coupons and specials visible to Foursquare users. Pretty cool right?

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Oct 19

SEO Blog Tips, Tips to SEO your Blog

seo-blogI’m guessing you have a blog, right? I mean who doesn’t now a day? But do you know how to SEO a blog? By that we mean how to search engine optimize a blog… Whether you do or don’t, here are some top SEO blogging tips to get your blog and individual blog posts well optimized for the search engines.

1. Use Specific SEO Blog Meta Data

Each individual blog posts should have specific meta data attributed to it. Make sure that meta data is not redundant with other meta data on the rest of the site. To have well optimized blog posts you need to get specific and niche with that code. Make sure you are really targeted in the keywords you shoot for. Try not to incorporate keywords that are loosely associate with the post, it will only confuse the spider.

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Oct 16

How Social Media Leads to Brand Evangelists [VIDEO]

There are many benefits to social media marketing. In fact, the list of reasons to engage in social media marketing grows everyday. This presentation focuses on how social media marketing leads to brand evangelists. The presentation describes the process of a customer going from knowing nothing about your brand, all the way to becoming your biggest fan and doing your marketing for you, becoming an evangelists or market maven if you will. Watch the video below.

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Oct 14

Facebook Integrates with Bing, Social & Search are Now One

Every once in a while something Bing happens, whoops, I mean something BIG happens to rock the search industry, and while it is usually Google related, this time all eyes are on Bing. Microsoft and Facebook have announced plans to integrate Facebook “Like” data with Bing search results. This new development will not only make Bing search more social, it will also strongly dictate which search queries are clicked.

Facebook Integrates with Bing

Facebook Integrates with Bing, Don't they look Great Together

Starting on October, 14 2010, Bing users will feel the effects of the Facebook/Bing integration. Now, when a person searches for a query Bing will feature a Facebook widget that displays what your Facebook connections have liked regarding that search. To give you a visual idea of what this will look like, image you search for a new movie such as Unstoppable by Fox. Each corresponding search result will display how many of your friends have “liked” it. This will let users make judgment calls on queries based off of how many of their friends support that web page.

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Oct 10

Social Media Interns – We Are Hiring

Are you interested in becoming a search engine optimization and social media intern? Then this post is for you!

SEO Inc., a premier Internet marketing agency, is looking for two new interns. But we’re not just looking for anyone; we’re looking for go-getters who want to learn marketing.

This position will be an amazing opportunity to see how a high-end, busy agency operates on a daily basis. Interns will see how large client accounts are managed, all while working closely with the SEO Inc. management team. Interns will have the opportunity to significantly increase their skill set, learn, and get a unique and highly valuable inside look at online marketing, all while playing a vital role in building big brands online.

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Oct 08

How Blogging Works with Social Media [VIDEO]

A while back I wrote a post on the perfect organic web presence. Since then many things have changed. The amount of distribution we are now capable of creating for clients online is really impressive. In fact, I have the feeling that with the new technologies we have developed, SEO Inc. clients will be very happy in 2011, both from an SEO and a social media marketing perspective.

While this is true, you still have to start your online marketing somewhere and not everyone is ready for the full package – a blog is a great place to being you efforts. This video on how blogging works with social media is really just an introductory posts on the subject. It has been created to relay the concept and to start generating ideas for the video viewer. Ultimately, SEO Inc. helps clients take this a step further by creating a larger distribution, great content, sound SEO methodology and viral marketing campaigns.

One thing I would like to comment on is that in this video I say you should blog about your new web page. The reason we often do this is to increase the amount of supporting content on that subject and to further internal linking. While that is the case, you can blog about much more, and if you only blog on your new web pages your blog will surely have a very poor following.

Watch the video on how blogging works with social media below. If you have any questions, please add a comment!

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