Nov 09

How Google Instant Previews Effect Search Engine Optimization

Have you heard yet? Google Instant released a new update today called Google Instant Preview and the modification to Google’s functionality has clear implications on CTR and user navigation satisfaction.

What is Google Instant Previews?

The basic concept is that Google now displays a website in a preview window when your scroll over a search query. The website preview window will display to the right of the query. Google’s hope is that this will allow users a glimpse at the page they will be visiting, so that they preview the webpage before they actually go through the trouble of opening the page.

Google feels that this is a natural progression. Google’s first initiative with Google Instant was to preview search results with the lighting fast auto display of query results. Now, we can simply scroll over one of the query results and be presented with a fairly true to life representation of the destination URL. Google Instant Previews can currently only be seen in Google Labs.


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Nov 05

How to Add your Business to Facebook Places

Facebook places is all the rage right now. Everyone wants to know, “How do I add my business to Facebook Places.” And why wouldn’t they, with the introduction of Facebook Deals, Facebook Places has become much more appealing for businesses large and small and is sure to be an important component of your social media optimization strategy. Let’s take a moment to talk about what Facebook Places are, then we will go over how to add your business to Facebook Places.facebook-places

According to Facebook, “Places is a Facebook mobile application that allows you to see where your friends are and share your physical location. You can check in to nearby Places to tell your friends where you are, tag your friends in the Places you visit, and view comments your friends have made about the Places you visit. Use Places to experience Facebook in a completely new way by connecting with your friends in the real world.”

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Nov 04

What is Search Engine Optimization? What is SEO?

Definition: Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search engine optimization is the practice of improving the visibility of a website in search engines. By improving the visibility of websites in search engines the traffic to the websites increases. By creating more listings for specific keywords, and continually working to improve the rankings of these keyword listings, websites can gain greater exposure for their online properties.

what is search engine optimization

History: Search engine optimization began in the mid-1990s when search engines began to command more attention on the web. Previously, information had been more difficult to locate. Search engines made it possible to query the long list of information online. Along with search engines came search engine optimization. Webmasters quickly noticed when their websites were not returning as a search result, because of this, they took measures to ensure their websites were being indexed by these search engines. This in turn resulted in organic search engine optimization and the emergence of SEO companies.

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Oct 29

SEO Inc. CEO Garry Grant wins Global Tuner Grand Prix

Is he CEO of SEO Inc., a race car driver, or both? The answer is clearly the later. Garry Grant, CEO of SEO Inc. is now not only a powerhouse in the SEO world; he is also a speeding bullet like driver on the track.


On Saturday, October 23, 2010, Garry Grant attended the final day of the Global Tuner Grand Prix, a 3 day timed racing event open to both professionals and armatures alike. Grant had performed well the previous days, finishing towards the top of the pack in most cases, but the final day he knew he needed to do more. Continue Reading

Oct 28

SEO Inc. Offers Discounts to ad:tech New York

apple tvAnother November is upon us and once again and SEO Inc. will be exhibiting at ad:tech in New York City. The conference is annually one of the largest gatherings of digital marketers and  has a great lineup of speakers and sessions. Come visit us at booth #2114 and speak with our COO or VP of Business Development about our search marketing and social media marketing services. Everyone that comes by will eligible to be entered into a contest to win an Apple TV.

The exhibit hall opens at 10:00am EST on Wednesday November 3rd and will remain open until 6:00pm EST. It all starts again the following morning at 10:00am and remains open until 4:00pm.

This year’ s conference will be at the Javitz Convention Center on November 3-4. If you have not already registered, the early bird specials are gone but SEO Inc. can help you save $200 on a full conference pass. All you need to do is click here and enter the promo code “SEOINC1“. You can also get an exhibit hall only pass for $50 by clicking the same link.

Oct 27

The New MySpace, MySpace Seeks to Dominate Again

It’s almost sad to think how mean everyone has been to MySpace. MySpace started the social network revolution. They founded the concept which exploded across the world scene and  ultimately attracted millions of members. And after all MySpace gave us, all we could do was look back at the highly innovative site, laugh, and say, “MySpace is dead, it’s all about Facebook and Twitter now.” Well, just as with zombies rising from the grave, MySpace is coming back to life, and the site is looking to eat away at the massive user base of other social networks.

Watch the video on the new MySpace

One of the main objectives of the new MySpace is to make sharing as easy as possible across other social networks. This has been a common trend in the space, as it allows for synergy and no network to be left out. In addition, it helps replicate the viral effect marketers are so desperately seeking for their social media marketing. The share feature on MySpace is front and center, just as it exists on Facebook and Twitter.

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