Jul 01

Don’t Believe in Social Media Marketing? Then Read This

Why Businesses Can’t Ignore Social Media Anymore

If you don’t believe in the importance of social media marketing or that it can help your business but you are a believer in search engine optimization, then it is time to open your mind to the importance of social media marketing as it relates to search engine rankings. SEO Inc. has been providing social media marketing services for clients for several years and one thing that is clear is that our clients that are involved and committed the most to social media also have the best search engine rankings. If you don’t believe us, maybe you need to hear what the top experts in the search industry have to say about the importance of social media marketing in SEO and how “social signals” impact your website’s ability to get rankings. Continue Reading

Jun 30

Google adds Tracking of Likes, Tweets and +1 to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Social media marketing has had a significant obstacle to overcome, that being demonstrating its value through clear, authoritative analytical data. That all may change with the strong social push Google is making, including the addition of tracking Facebook Likes, Tweets and +1.

According to a recent report by Mashable, Google is now offering the following functionality.

“Google Webmaster Tools now has a “+1 Metrics” section, which provides reports on the impact of the +1 Button on search. The new analytics show how +1s affect your website’s click through rate (CTR). It tracks the amount of +1s on a given page, the CTR with +1 annotations and the CTR without +1 annotation. The new tool also graphs out the amount of annotated impressions and annotated clicks your website receives over time.” Continue Reading

Jun 29

The Google+ Project is Finally Revealed

Like a meticulously crafted fine beer, it’s been brewing behind the scenes for sometime now. Yes all, the Google+ Project is now here, and it just may change the face of organic SEO.

But let us digress… Organic SEO has been revolutionized by social media and social media marketing. While external links used to be the primary form of outside ranking influence in regards to Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc., social media came in like a fire storm, allowing users on the likes of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to play a role in the ranking evaluation of online properties. When this happened, Google knew they needed to have more influence in this process. Google had lost control of their own ranking system. The Google+ Project is an attempt to regain its dominance and in the process stimulate a whole new business model for the online giant. Continue Reading

Jun 22

Discover Your Online Klout

The days of guessing how popular your social media sites are are long behind us now. With Klout.com you will be able to know, within a day or so, just how influential your online presence is on the world around you.

Klout.com gives you a ‘Klout’ score between 1-100. 1 meaning that you have little to no ‘Klout,’ and 100 meaning that when you tweet or post something, the world listens. Klout scores are compiled once you connect your social media sites with the application. The main sites used to compile a Klout score are: LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Continue Reading

Jun 15

Should you use a Social Media Management Agency?

Did you know SEO Inc. offers social media management? It’s true. Our service entails a dedicated social media expert who will write and post optimized blogs that speak to your company and draw search traffic. This same person will post these blogs to your social media sites and manage your social profiles. This means responding to customers, creating fun strategic content, and when the time is right, working with your team to run full-scale interactive campaigns. We do everything regarding social media marketing, and we do it right the first time. Continue Reading

Jun 14

Why you Should Embed YouTube Videos

OK, I am going to tell you a little secret… Come a little closer… Pss, you should embed YouTube videos on your blog. I promise it will help your SEO. I am going to tell you why and how you need to do this, but remember, you heard it from your friends at SEO Inc.

embedd youtube videosFirst, YouTube is now the second largest search engine in the world with over 2 billion searches per day. So of course you want to have an optimized YouTube presence. By that, I mean you want to have a well branded YouTube channel with optimized videos. Videos can be optimized for branded or non-branded terms, make sure you have a strategy there. But what happens when people are searching for video-like content off of YouTube in Google Video search or just in the Google search engine?

People Search for Videos Off YouTube

Face it; people don’t always take the time to go to YouTube to search for videos, right? Also, when they do go to YouTube to find your video, it adds an extra step for the user to eventually end up at your site. For example, if someone searches for a video on How to Update Fans on Facebook and they go to YouTube and watch our video, we need to hope that they click the link to visit our site after. Now on the other hand, if I embed this video on my site and optimized the page for How to Update Fans on Facebook, I have just created a new page on my site that the visitor can reach directly without having to stop by YouTube.

Google Loves Rich Media

On another note, Google loves rich media. They love photos, videos, audio, etc. Now of course this content needs to be optimized to be found properly, but if you can take this rich media content and add it to your site in a SEO friendly way, you are sure to increase traffic and the authority of your site.

Create New Pages and Increase YouTube SEO

Creating YouTube videos and embedding them on your site helps you build new pages, lets you to add rich media, and allows you to get more video views. But that is not all, adding videos to your site also helps those same videos rank better in YouTube video search! Yeah, it’s true. In case you didn’t know, these are the factors for getting videos to rank in YouTube video search. Continue Reading

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