Jul 12

Google + Update: What You Need to Know

Internet marketers everywhere are aghast over Google +. Some people cling to Facebook for dear life, stating nothing can ever dominate the community of 700 million and counting. While others are, in my opinion, more open-minded and realize, Google + is a big deal that is already successful and will only become more successful. I have a bit of advice for those still in denial, get on board quick because regardless of the level of success Google + has, it is going to be important to the industry.

Google + Sees Startling Growth

Google + has only been out for a few weeks and the growth is already startling. It is being estimated that Google + has already reached 10 million users. According to estimates from Paul Allen of Ancestry.com, 2.2 million users have joined in the last 32 to 34 hours. Mashable has stated that Allen arrived at this number by, “Comparing surname popularity in the U.S. with the number of users on Google+ with each surname, he can guesstimate the percentage of the U.S. population that signed up for Google+. Finally, he calculated a ratio of U.S. to non-U.S. users to generate an estimate for the number of Google+ users worldwide.” Continue Reading

Jul 11

Disqus: A Comments Platform

As social media sites progress so do their social media integration features. One of the more popular, and fastest growing social media management tools are commenting platforms.

Commenting platforms have been a point of topic on the SEO Inc. blog for quite some time now. Just a few months ago we posted about the new additions to the Facebook commenting platform. What’s so great about the Facebook platform is that once a person posts a comment on a website, their comment automatically appears on their Facebook wall and in their friends’ newsfeeds.  This works in the favor of the website since the website URL and the article title will also be broadcast along with the comment.

But Facebook is not the only social media site dabbling in commenting platforms. In fact, there are websites out there that exist solely for the purpose of developing and sustaining attractive comment platforms. Sites like Disqus.

Continue Reading

Jul 08

Twitter Ends Real Time Search Relationship with Google

Twitter and Google have been quite an item. We watched as their romance blossomed with the first Twitter update in real time search. We applauded as Twitter updates began ranking for keywords in real time and occasionally in standard search. But now the happy couple is splitting up, at least in the real time search sense.

So what happened between these two? Well, apparently without much warning Twitter decided to stop sharing its Tweet data directly with Google. There was nothing that Google could do except close down the service, as the majority of it was Twitter dependent. Continue Reading

Jul 06

Google +1 and Webmaster Tools: What does the New Data Mean for SEO?

We at SEO Inc. are analytic junkies, and when a new form of measurement comes out we must evaluate it. Google +1 is of course brand new. But we are already seeing signs of the sharing function in Google Analytics and Webmaster tools. In this post, we will take a look at how Google +1 and Webmaster Tools interface. Our goal is to simply understand the measurement units and the possible effects on SEO. Continue Reading

Jul 01

Don’t Believe in Social Media Marketing? Then Read This

Why Businesses Can’t Ignore Social Media Anymore

If you don’t believe in the importance of social media marketing or that it can help your business but you are a believer in search engine optimization, then it is time to open your mind to the importance of social media marketing as it relates to search engine rankings. SEO Inc. has been providing social media marketing services for clients for several years and one thing that is clear is that our clients that are involved and committed the most to social media also have the best search engine rankings. If you don’t believe us, maybe you need to hear what the top experts in the search industry have to say about the importance of social media marketing in SEO and how “social signals” impact your website’s ability to get rankings. Continue Reading

Jun 30

Google adds Tracking of Likes, Tweets and +1 to Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools

Social media marketing has had a significant obstacle to overcome, that being demonstrating its value through clear, authoritative analytical data. That all may change with the strong social push Google is making, including the addition of tracking Facebook Likes, Tweets and +1.

According to a recent report by Mashable, Google is now offering the following functionality.

“Google Webmaster Tools now has a “+1 Metrics” section, which provides reports on the impact of the +1 Button on search. The new analytics show how +1s affect your website’s click through rate (CTR). It tracks the amount of +1s on a given page, the CTR with +1 annotations and the CTR without +1 annotation. The new tool also graphs out the amount of annotated impressions and annotated clicks your website receives over time.” Continue Reading

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