PPC Case Studies

At SEO Inc., our full-service PPC management services and top line methodology take a proactive approach to your campaign, achieving immediate results for our PPC clients with maximized exposure and increased ROI. Advanced keyword research strategies combined with skilled landing page optimization, expert analytics, industry research, and an optimized campaign structure ensure our clients receive the very best results. These case studies display some of the best successes we have seen result from our PPC Marketing methodologies.

Lead Generation Websites

Electronics Distributor - B2B

SEO Inc. helped this leader in the distribution of obsolete electronics components increase online leads by 252% (see chart below). Simultaneously, we lowered their cost per lead by 59% from $81.88 before we took over their campaign to just $33.71 over the first six months of the campaign.

B2B Lead Generation - Case Study Chart

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Mortgage - B2C

As in many industries, but particularly in the banking industry, keywords relating to mortgage are extremely costly. This client was having trouble driving qualified, cost-effective traffic to the site because of the competitiveness within their industry. In the first 2 months under SEO Inc. management, they realized a resounding 1722% increase in their monthly PPC traffic.

Hospitality - B2B

This client came to us with a common problem. They were having trouble getting leads because the traffic they were getting to their site was not converting primarily due to the fact that they weren’t reaching their desired target audience. When SEO Inc. took over their PPC campaign, we were able to immediately more than double their conversion rate from 0.69% to 1.78% while simultaneously decreasing the cost per lead 82% from $268.77 to $48.89.

Car Warranty Provider – B2C

In an extremely competitive environment, SEO Inc. helped a popular online car warranty provider decrease their cost per click over 44% from roughly $5.00 per click at campaign inception to its current level of $2.82/click.  In addition, SEO Inc. has been able to generate more leads while reducing their level of paid search ad spend by more than $25,000 per month.

Printing Services - B2B

This client wanted to drive traffic to their individual locations and to increase leads and quotes sent through their website. They wanted to move away from their traditional marketing/advertising methods and allocate that multi-million dollar budget to PPC marketing. SEO Inc. set up a new PPC account, and in first month, the cost per quote sent was $24.76. Their ROI improved significantly more than with the traditional TV and print advertising they were doing, so they allocated more budget towards paid search and maintained a cost per lead at less than $25.

Enterprise Software Solutions - B2B

In the first month after having SEO Inc. assume management of their Paid Search campaigns, this client saw an immediate drop of 28% in the cost per lead. In addition, between May and October 2006, they realized a cost per lead savings of over 50%, while the overall number of leads generated had almost doubled along with the lead conversion rate (see chart below).

B2B Lead Generaiton Conversion Rate - PPC Case Study Chart

Drug/Alcohol Rehabilitation - B2C

After SEO Inc. took over this client's pay per click campaign, traffic quadrupled, and we were able to double the number of conversion in the first month while maintaining the same budget. The client was forced to turn off their paid search in month 5, because their facility was full and they were turning people away.

e-Commerce Websites

Beverage Maker - B2C

Since becoming an SEO Inc. client, this popular beverage maker has had numerous successes. Despite the client not setting goals or tracking conversions prior to hiring SEO Inc. and with the exact budget as was allocated at the beginning of the campaign, we were able to increase their online sales generated through paid search by 247% (see chart below).  As you might expect, this spurred a robust ROAS as their paid search cost per acquisition fell from $38.27 to $10.87 - a remarkable drop of 72%.

PPC Case Study Chart - B2C Sales in Beverage Industry

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Home Furnishings – B2C

With the help of SEO Inc., this nationwide home fixtures distributor was able to increase sales by more than 221% from 172 sales per month to 552 just in the first three months alone. At the same time, cost per acquisition dropped by more than half from $38/sale to $16/sale over the same time period.   

Graphic Design – B2B

A true success story, SEO Inc. led the online search effort to increase paid search sales by over 74% in just 3 months. With the increase in sales and other optimization efforts, their cost per sale decreased 30% from $59.04 to $41.52.


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