Our Team

The team at SEO Inc. adheres to a core belief: Deliver clients the highest level of professional services offered, leaving no stone unturned, exploring every avenue to make a website successful, and drive as much traffic to a business as possible. Say hello to the SEO Inc. team, with more years experience in digital marketing than any other SEO firm and agency out there. If you have any questions for any SEO Inc. team member, contact us! We’re here for our clients first and foremost, and we are happy to answer any and all questions.

  • Garry Grant is a veteran expert in search engine optimization and the digital marketing industry. With nearly 20 years of experience, Garry has successfully built a multi-service operation at SEO, Inc., developing proprietary technologies through complex strategic solutions. He has extensive experience in key initiatives and operational responsibilities grounded in information technology and performance management.

    Garry’s expertise and esteemed reputation, coupled with SEO Inc.’s impressive client success record has earned him such accolades as Entrepreneur Magazine's 2005 Hot List for the Hottest Internet Property, Inc. 500 2007 Honorary award for Fastest Growing Private Company in America, an Inc. 500 top 50 Company in San Diego, and interviews with The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, WIRED, Entrepreneur and The Huffington Post.

    Garry Grant began his online career in 1993 creating strategic Web and e-business solutions for Homepage.com, The Rush Limbaugh Show, Premiere Radio Networks, Clear Channel Communications, EarthLink and Artisan Motion Pictures. Today, Garry and SEO Inc.’s highly skilled digital strategists develop proprietary technology and strategic digital marketing direction for Fortune 500 companies including, SC Johnson, McAfee, Entrepreneur.com., Inc Magazine, IGN, Tacorri, LPL Financial, National Kidney Foundation, G4 TV, Fuel TV and Sony, just to name a few.

    In 2010, the University of California San Diego, recognizing the importance of SEO & SEM in today’s world of business, approached Garry to create a college credited syllabus as an addition to their business program. The college credited class, titled “SEO & SEM: The Fast Track to Search Engine Optimization and Marketing,” equips participants with strategies for optimizing websites to achieve higher rankings in the top search engines, driving Web visibility, brand awareness, and on-line sales.  SEO Inc is bringing this updated class in house and on line.

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  • Kim’s educational background is majoring in computers; systems analyst and finance and minored in psychology. Kim’s professional background consisted of accounting, financial institutions, sales audit. Kim also started up a MIS department for a large electronic corporation where she had an integral part in creating, implementing, and overseeing the POS system they had designed and written in house. One of Kim’s strengths are creating and using technology in the business environment to develop accounting software that fit their business’s needs and met GAAP. As of the last ten years Kim has had the pleasure to share her knowledge/expertise with SEO, Inc. An Interesting fact about Kim is that she studied Classical Russian ballet for many years and performed in principal roles during her life.

    She also has two beautiful, talented children or young adults of whom she loves spending time with. Kim also enjoys traveling, cooking, gardening and old world wines.

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  • James Baker is the technical lead at SEO Inc., James is involved in developing and maintaining SEO Inc.'s network infrastructure. This N-tier infrastructure includes VMware virtualization, Microsoft Active Directory, and .NET Enterprise servers, network load balancing, firewalls, SQL high availability solutions, remote management solutions, security policies, backup/recovery solutions, network monitoring, and reporting. James also oversees in-house software development at SEO Inc. Since joining SEO Inc., he has architected and led the development of many applications, including SEO CMS, a customer management solution for tracking and managing client relations from the sales lead stage to completed projects.  He is also responsible for development of SEO Inc.’s ClientCenter and SEMMetrix search engine position tracking and reporting tools.

    Before joining SEO Inc., James was the lead developer at CodeCrapht Development Group. At CodeCrapht, he created dynamic Web applications for various companies using ASP, ASP.NET, JavaScript, SQL, C#, and Visual Basic .NET. He also developed backend components using Visual Basic and .NET framework and spearheaded database design with MS SQL Server.

    James was also a junior software engineer at Cinergy (now Duke Energy). In this position, he designed and implemented custom control system applications and was involved in implementing the remote startup of Cinergy's combustion turbine fleeta project that included the design and implementation of a web-based control system for the purpose of remotely starting and managing peaking plants that span three states. The remote startup project was mentioned in Power magazine as an industry first.

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  • Arnaud Lemaire is responsible for indentifying new opportunities for existing and new Clients in terms of SEO, PPC, Social Media and Web Development. Arnaud has scoped out, analyzed, and built custom strategic plans for some of SEO Inc.'s largest and most successful clients. Arnaud joined SEO Inc. in 2004 with a prior 7 years of Internet Marketing, Advertising and Sales experience.

    His prior expertise ranges from several marketing positions in industries such as Web Development, Internet Services Providers, Software Development, Online Gaming and Advertising. Arnaud graduated from Radford University in 1997 with a Bachelor of business administration with a concentration in international marketing.

    Arnaud has worked with numerous clients of SEO Inc. most successful clients such as Tacori, Teleflora, 1-800-Dentists to name a few.

    Arnaud is a dual citizen of the United States and France.

    Arnaud is a music enthusiast as well as an accomplished rock guitarist and musician who has played on some of the most legendary stages in Los Angeles and San Diego.

  • Chantal brings more than ten years of digital agency production and SEO experience to SEO Inc.  She oversees SEO engineering and content marketing teams.  Her expertise is in identifying business drivers and delivering integrated marketing solutions with measurable results across most verticals.

    Specialties include interactive marketing strategy, creative ideation, e-marketing & e-commerce strategy, branding, consumer insight, user experience, integrated marketing campaign execution, and client relationship management.

    Chantal has led prized projects vacillating from local SEO strategies to long-standing domestic and international campaigns for Fortune 500 companies and some of the world’s top Internet retailers including IGN, McNEIL-PPC  (Benadryl), Dreamworks, and Comcast.

    Chantal has a BA in Computer Information Science from Coleman University.

    She absolutely loves graffiti, and all urban art. Some of her hobbies are cooking, English riding, and traveling.

  • Jerrold is SEO Inc's newest Director of PPC. He brings to the table over seven years of experience in sales, marketing, and operational management for over 50 different businesses, including multiple Fortune 500 companies. He has successfully managed over $60 million worth of marketing spend just over the last 5 years, while providing direct leadership to over 25 internet marketers and business analysts. Jerrold got his start in sales where he managed a couple of cellular phone stores in 2007. He then realized his enjoyment of internet marketing and PPC and quickly moved into a PPC Analyst position at a startup advertising agency called Rocket Clicks. Jerrold then spent four years at that agency growing their Pay per Click team and providing leadership and high quality service to a number of clients over the years. He then left his long-time home of Wisconsin and moved down to Charleston, South Carolina where he managed a large credit card comparison website and grew a small team to manage a multi-million dollar monthly advertising budget. In 2014 Jerrold and his fiancé had a little baby girl and moved to the West Coast to join SEO Inc as their Director of Paid Search and provide solid leadership and PPC expertise to our clients.

    On top of these professional accomplishments, Jerrold was also a conference presenter at Perry Marshall’s AdWords Elite Master’s Summit in Maui Hawaii in 2010. Hundreds of high level entrepreneurs and internet marketers flew from around the world to see 10 advanced AdWords gurus and Jerrold was lucky enough to be one of them.

    He is also among the lucky few that can get away with living in Southern California and not needing suncreen. You see, he has some Chinese and Filipino in his heritage.

    Outside of delivering top-quality PPC campaigns, Jerrold enjoys snowboarding, skateboarding, golfing, and playing basketball.

  • Michelle has a lot to offer here at SEO Inc. With over 14 years in the Online Marketing field, including working at Verizon Wireless and eDiets.com, she has run the gamut of doing just about everything there is! Now she brings this expertise to SEO as one of our star Account Managers.

    Michelle has double jointed hands interestingly enough, which probably helps her manage so much day to day. As an added bonus for all of us here at SEO Inc, she can make a mean margarita. And when she's not impressing us on the daily, she loves to be at home with her 15 month old twin boys. 

  • Paola is one of the amazing Account Managers at SEO Inc. Her hard work, dedication, and attention to each and every client makes her an invaluable member of the family. 

    Her education includes a Web Publishing Certificate and Business Management Certificate in Marketing-Communications and Global Commerce from UCSD, as well as a Masters in International Business Specialist, International Business from Universidad Externado de Colombia and a Bachelor in Business Administration from Universidad Antonio Narino. 

    Paola's experience is varied and vast. She has worked as a Marketing Assistant, implementing e-mail marketing campaigns for General Ledger Resources. She has also worked as a Project Coordinator, supporting a $425,000 Market Development Cooperator Program (MDCP) grant program which helps small to medium sized US companies export water technology products and services the Middle East, North Africa and India. If that wasn't enough, Paola has also been a leading International and Administrative Business Manager in Bogota, Columbia, leading all aspects of international business operation for a production and marketing water purifier systems and a kitchen utensils company and developing businesses with companies in Germany, China, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, and Costa Rica. 

    Paola’s passion is global SEO. She has worked on SEO campaigns for prestigious companies here in the US, always successfully delivering outstanding results. Different factors contribute to her success. Her ability to implement global strategies, her analytic approach, and her native fluency in Spanish are just a few strengths she brings to her clients.

    She is also very good at dancing salsa. So if you see her on the dance floor and think you're up for a challenge, by all means, prepare to have your butt handed to you. 

  • Jason started with SEO, Inc. in 2011. Some big projects Jason has worked on at SEO Inc. were; Hoodfilters.com, Altmanluggage.com, Djewelrywholesale.com, Nobleindustries.com. Jason is always staying up to date with technology, likes playing video games, and running.

  • Tyson went to school at Coleman University and received and associates in Computer Information Systems. Tyson worked for Basson Sound Equipment from 2008-2010 before they unfortunately, went out of business. They provided Bass and Guitar Cabinets for bands such as Motley crue and Nevermore.

    An interesting claim to fame is that Tyson is actually….Batman! Some of Tysons’ hobbies are fishing, Downhill Mountain biking, gaming, and playing bass.


  • Cari is the owner, writer and lead editor for BusyBeeBlogger.com since 2007.  Her blog focuses on the Southern California lifestyle.  Cari has been a successful freelance Social Media consultant and now brings her expertise to SEO Inc. She is also a former shrink.

    Cari once had so many people visit a client’s website during a twitter party that it crashed. She also has been instrumental in organizing blogger events in Southern California and New York City.

    Cari is a former counselor and Ironman. She can also build a house from the ground up. On top of all this, Cari finds time to go for some long runs.

  • Eric cultivated an appreciation for words and writing from his local library, where he worked for over ten years. From an early age, Eric learned to work as part of a team, a skill he would carry into his job as a part-time bookkeeper and drumming instructor at a local independent music school for several years. Recently, Eric graduated from Cal State University San Marcos with a degree in Literature and Writing, and he is a very welcome addition to SEO Inc. as a full-time copywriter.

    During his junior year of college, Eric wrote 10-sentence album reviews for “My Semester of Metal,” a blog focused on discovering the latest metal music.

    Eric is also proud to have donated over 20 inches of his hair to charity.

    When he's not writing for clients at SEO Inc., Eric enjoys drumming, reading, writing fiction, enjoying his wife's cooking. 

  • Dalton Grant has been in the Internet Marketing industry for over 2 years now, and is an asset to SEO Inc.

    Dalton started at SEO Inc, wearing many hats within the company. He has since transitioned into being the Brand Specialist and is constantly growing and coming up with new ideas for the company. Dalton is part of the Linking Team at SEO Inc. as well. The SEO Inc. Linking Team has recovered 11 websites from a manual action/penalty. Through his hands-on experience with link detox and removal, Dalton continually comes up with new an innovative Linking Strategies to extract the most optimization from linking as possible.

    Outside of the office, Dalton is very interested in car racing, nightclub businesses, and travelling to new places. He also enjoys remixing music, kart racing, and creating new operations/ideas/products for SEO Inc.  

  • John Caiozzo comes to SEO Inc. as a Jr. SEO Engineer. Currently, John is a senior at California State University, San Marcos majoring in Computer Science with an option in Computer Information Systems and a minor in Business Administration. Before this, he worked at the UCI Medical Center as a software developer intern and Cal State San Marcos as a student web developer. John has created several internal PHP and ASP.NET web applications both at the UCI medical center and Cal State San Marcos. He also assisted in creating and implementing a new web template across thousands of web pages for CSUSM. As a student at CSUSM, he worked on a project to evaluate our universities online learning management system and recommended changes based on thousands of student and faculty responses from a survey he sent out. 

    To add to this already-impressive resume, when John was a freshman in college he used to grill top ramen like a burger after marinating it.  (He got real creative with cooking top ramen which will pay off later in life.)

    When John isn't working or attempting mad science with ramen, you can find him out hiking, biking, surfing, and gaming.

  • Connor is one of the rockstars here at SEO Inc., though not many may know it. As one of the Project Coordinators, he is tasked daily by the Account Managers with different projects that only his expertise can finish. A jack-of-all-trades, Connor is a link removal wizard and photoshop extraordinaire. 

    He regularly takes on very important projects here at SEO Inc., including, but not limited to, link detox and lifting those pesky manual penalties Google places on sites. With thanks in no small part to be expertise in this area, he has helped SEO Inc. maintain a near-100% success rate in cleaning up our clients' backlink profiles. 

    A student and SEO coordinator by day, Connor is also very much into graphic design for his local company, CraftsPrinting, based in Vista county. Oddly enough, chocolate makes Connor sneeze.

    When he isn't cleaning up backlinks and helping with reporting, you can find Connor out on the mountain bike trails in and around Carlsbad, or at home enjoying some rad video games and/or appreciating film.