Link Detox and Link Removal

Do you know how your backlink profile looks?

If the answer is "no," then it's time you knew. Having a healthy backlink profile is paramount for the life of your site and how it ranks on Google and other search engines. If you've noticed your rankings drop off, it could be time for a link detox and backlink removal

It used to be that any link you could get pointing to your website meant it helped with your site's strength and reach. More links used to equal higher rankings. But when the algorithms changed, this was not true any longer. Many sites completely dropped from the rankings, severely hurting them and their business efforts and causing them to scramble to find out why. 

Our team of link removal experts sees this day in, day out, and they're here to help you clean up your backlink profile so you will once again rank and have your business be a viable and competitive online presence. We have developed a custom link detox tool to scan your backlink profile, pinpoint problem links, and get rid of them, leaving only the strongest and most authoritative links pointing to your site. 

Our Link Detox and Backlink Removal process includes:

  • Extensive research into your backlink profile
  • Analysis and identification of problem sites hosting links to your website
  • Thorough outreach to webmasters hosting your link(s)
  • Careful documentation of any and all efforts
  • Second analysis of all links we've pinpointed as problem links
  • Reconsideration request submission to Google

With this process complete, we handle all communications with Google, so you don't have to, leaving you more time to focus on your business. Just think: When the Google Detox team accepts you Reconsideration Request, your rankings can improve and you'll need all your energy for that!

Track Record

Our expert link detox team currently boasts a 100% success rate in getting sites that have been dinged by Google  back in the rankings via backlink removal efforts. 

So how does your backlink profile look? Let us check it out for you and get it looking healthier than ever.

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